What if the 2021 Printemps carougeois 2021 turned into a Dream Autumn…?

"In this very special period, when the anxiety and fear of being confronted with a disease that has been lurking or hitting us for almost two years - as well as a crisis that affects us all and prevents us, as never before, from living our dreams and passions to the fullest, but also from enjoying those precious moments of exchange, sharing and conviviality - the Printemps carougeois is dreaming of and taking the bold step of defying this devilish pandemic. As if to thumb the nose at this blow of fate, the Printemps carougeois is happening in the autumn and taking the high ground. While respecting the heath measures in force, it thus flies over these events with lightness, confidence and hope, feelings that are sorely lacking, especially these days. The ambitious, rich and varied programme is designed to take us to the land of weightlessness, discovery and imagination, to experience emotionally charged moments. As usual, and in accordance with its tradition so much appreciated far and wide, the Printemps carougeois will make us live to the full around culture and arts of all kinds. This wide range of culture should reach your heart and your own universe to make you experience genuine positive emotions first-hand. I hope that this unmissable event in the life of Carouge will make us dream and forget about the crisis for a while, without neglecting protective health measures.  May this Autumn of Dreams make us live unforgettable moments around meeting and sharing."

Stéphanie Lammar